The Trick To Keeping Spiders Out Of Your Norfolk Home

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Spiders aren't all that tricky to keep out of your home. In fact, spiders prefer to be outside. Unfortunately, spiders go where their food goes, as with most species that aim to survive. However, their food source can move straight into your Norfolk home.

Unlike some other pests, spiders don't typically interact with other spiders when building their webs and settling into a new area. They branch other and provide each other with space to fetch prey. Seeing multiple spiders in your home means you have a serious matter that needs handling. While one spider might be advantageous to your garden, having them in your home is a problem. Don't get caught up with promises from store-bought products and DIY methods that leave a lot to be desired. Combat spiders with reliable pest control in Norfolk that promises proven results for your pest problems.

Types Of Spiders You May Find In Your Home

There are thousands of different types of spiders that live in North America. Over 3,000, to be exact. But the main types of spiders expected to invade your Norfolk home are:

  • Black widows
  • Brown recluses
  • Orb weaver spiders
  • Cellar spiders
  • Jumping spiders
  • House spiders
  • Wolf spiders

Spiders like the brown recluse and black widow are the only local spiders that cause fever, shortness of breath, and allergic reactions from their bites. Other spiders can also bite, but their venom is not lethal enough to harm a human's immune system and cause adverse reactions. Seek medical attention if you experience a bite from a black widow or a brown recluse.

The Problems Spiders Can Create In Your Home

Spiders present a degree of fear for millions of people, and it's easy to see why with their eight legs and many little eyes. At night, spiders spend most of their time dangling upside-down from their webs, waiting for insects to become stuck while the spider makes its ascent. Spiders build their webs differently, depending on their species. For example, an orb-weaver is the spider that makes the classic circular webs portrayed in films. However, a black widow will build its webs closer to the ground and its web tends to be looser and less shaped than other webs. Wolf spiders don't build webs at all, preferring to use their speed and agility to hunt down their prey.

During the day, a spider will rest in small, dark places. Common areas are cabinets, corners, and shoes, which is how most spider bites occur. Spiders won't attack unless they feel threatened, so do a quick sweep before reaching into dark spaces.

Easy And Effective Spider Prevention Tips

Spiders in Norfolk are extremely beneficial to the outside world. The fact that they feast on insects like mosquitoes, mites, and flies makes them valuable pests to have around your gardens for natural pest removal. Since spiders enter your Norfolk home after a pest infestation has already occurred, these recommended tips will go a long way in preventing most pests from entering your premises:

  • Remove piles of excess debris and clutter from your property.
  • Get rid of areas that collect standing water.
  • Fix leaking pipes or faucets.
  • Cut shrubs and bushes back away from the exterior of your home.
  • Seal up entry points in your foundation, exterior walls, and the roofline of your house.
  • Reduce hiding spots in your home by storing items in sealed containers, not in cardboard boxes or trash bags.
  • Replace white outdoor lights with LED or yellow light bulbs. They are less attractive to the insects that spiders consume.

It's highly unlikely that you'll be able to accomplish spider and pest removal on your own. Even store-bought products and DIY methods won't eliminate the spider infestation at its source, and there's always the possibility that there are multiple sources to combat, hidden from you. 

The Best Professional Spider Control In Norfolk

You may not have the means and tools to handle a pest infestation on your own, but now you know that PESTOUT can remove spiders and the pests they prey on from your home and property. We stay up to date on cutting-edge formulas and techniques that produce effective results and the latest technology to apply them safely. The best choice you can make for your property is to pick up the phone and call us to get started and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Norfolk.