The Trick To Getting Rid Of A Rat Problem On Your Property In Hampton Roads

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When you reside in Hampton Roads, you have the distinction of living in one of the oldest cities in America. This city has glorious water views and miles of shimmering shoreline due to the Chesapeake Bay. While this city might have ancient roots, it is “on the move” and growing by leaps and bounds. Unfortunately for area residents, this thriving waterfront community is an ideal environment for rats, and without pest control in Hampton Roads, they might soon be wriggling into local homes.

How To Identify A Rat Infestation In Your House

Nobody expects to see rats in Hampton Roads, but they roam the area. Rats typically prefer to stay outdoors; however, when their food and moisture supply start to wane, they will seek more conducive accommodations. Unfortunately for homeowners, these other accommodations commonly involve your home. If you suspect rats have found shelter inside your home, there are some signs homeowners can look for that may confirm their suspicions.

Signs of rats include:

  • Scratching noises behind walls (more noticeable at night)
  • Gnawing marks on wires, plastic, lead pipes, and wood
  • Rub marks on walls, baseboards, and floorboards
  • Shredded items like wall insulation, fabrics, paper, and cotton materials
  • Rat feces in and around baseboards, pantries, cupboards, kitchen cabinets, and under sinks
  • Witnessing a living or dead rat
  • Spotting signs of a rat infestation can be disconcerting, but it is also a call to action. Rats carry dangerous diseases that need addressing immediately.

The Dangerous Diseases Rats Are Known To Spread

Since the time rats first came to this part of the world, they have been causing trouble. Rats transmit diseases, contaminate, and transport disease-carrying pests into homes. Four diseases caused by rats include salmonellosis, rat-bite fever, leptospirosis, and tularemia. Rats often pick up hitchhikers (lice, mites, ticks, and fleas) outside. When these hitchhikers attach themselves to rats, they bring a whole host of other diseases with them. As if transmission of diseases wasn’t enough, rats also contaminate homes with their urine and saliva; people who deal with allergies and asthma often find their conditions inflamed. Quickly removing rats is vital when homeowners learn about the problems they create. Leave rat control to the pest professionals at PESTOUT; we can safely remove them and protect those living under your roof.

The Safe And Effective Way To Get Rid Of Rats In Your House

Rat control in Hampton Roads can pose dangers to homeowners attempting to remove them independently. It is always best to use pest professionals for rat removal. PESTOUT has been serving Hampton Roads for over 29 years. Our family-owned and operated company is also veteran-owned, and our motto of “We get them out, and we keep them out” ensures our customers will receive unique pest control solutions that are long-lasting. While we use professional-grade products for rat pest control, we strive to protect the environment by combining them with natural remedies.

Five Natural Ways To Keep Rats From Returning

Once PESTOUT has removed rats from your home, homeowners can use some natural remedies to ensure they never come back. Simple steps can help homeowners set up preventative barriers between their homes and invading rats.

Five tips for stopping rats from returning to homes include:

  1. Repair any leaking or damaged items inside/outside that could provide a moisture source.
  2. Trim shrubs and tree limbs.
  3. Ensure woodpiles stay 20 feet away from homes and eliminate yard debris.
  4. Seal all holes the size of a quarter or small with silicone-based caulking.
  5. Clean up food crumbs and spills immediately, and store foods (including pet food) in tightly sealed containers.

Despite your best efforts to keep rats off your property, you may still find them returning. Ultimately, the best way to get rid of rats fast is by partnering with the experts at PESTOUT; call us today for a comprehensive inspection and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Hampton Roads.

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