A House Mouse Prevention Mini-Handbook For Hampton Roads Homeowners

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House Mouse

In Hampton Roads, there are many different pests that plague homeowners. But one of the most common pests is the house mouse. Before you find yourself facing a serious infestation, you should learn some house mouse prevention tips. This mini-handbook tells you everything you need to know about keeping out these furry pests.

What They Look Like      

The first thing you should know is how to identify a house mouse. Generally, this rodent is gray in color and has a belly that is cream in color. But the color of the fur can vary, depending on where you are located. This type of mouse has four legs, a pointed muzzle, and large ears. Their body is somewhat round.

Although a mouse sighting could be your first indication of a problem, you could find other signs of these rodents first. For instance, you might find their droppings. You may also hear them scurrying around in the late hours of the night or during the early hours of the morning.

What Problems They Cause

There’s something endearing about mice. Many people think they are adorable. However, don’t let yourself be fooled. They can cause many problems for you and your family.


First and foremost, a house mouse could make you sick. They spread diseases like listeria and hantavirus. Even if you don’t come into direct contact with the mouse itself, its urine, saliva, nesting materials, or droppings could spread disease.


Mice are known for their incessant chewing. If you have mice in your home, they could be chewing your wires. After the wire becomes bare, it is more likely to start a fire. They may also chew and damage wood, plastic pipes, or insulation in your walls.

Cost You Money

In addition to costing you money for the destruction of your home, mice also cost you by eating your food. Because their teeth are so sharp, they can eat through boxes of cereal or plastic containers. They contaminate ten times more food than they actually eat. If you believe mice have gotten into your food, you need to replace the food. Unfortunately, the cost of this adds up quickly.

How To Prevent Mice In Your Home

There are several ways in which you can prevent mice in your Hampton Roads home. By being proactive, you could keep them from taking over.

1. Remove Water And Food Sources

If mice have no food or water, they will not survive. You may control an infestation by eliminating sources of food and water. This means fixing water leaks, cleaning food from your floor and counters, using lids on your trash cans, and sealing your food.

2. Get Rid Of Hiding Places

By eliminating hiding spots for mice, you can reduce their population. Typically, mice hide in the attics and basements of homes. Keep both areas as clean as possible and avoid storing objects directly on the floor.

3. Seal Cracks And Crevices

Mice are small and some are able to squeeze through openings smaller than a dime. If you want to keep them out of your home, you need to look for small cracks and crevices. Then, seal them well. As you search for openings, keep in mind that they can enter your home on levels other than the ground level.

4. Call A Professional

Whether you want to prevent or eliminate a mouse infestation, your best option is to contact a licensed professional. Mice are sneaky critters that can find their way into the most well-sealed of homes. Even if you keep a spotless home, they could take up residence with you.
To truly keep the rodents away, you need to work with an experienced pest control company. Call the professionals at PESTOUT to learn more about our rodent control services.