Three Things You Should Know About Rodents In Newport News

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For some people, mice and other rodents are cute little creatures kept in a cage and entertained by endlessly running on their wheels. Thanks to domesticated versions being available in pet stores and the media making characters like Mickey Mouse popular, it’s understandable why we anthropomorphize rodents. However, the reality is far less pretty.

In truth, rodents and humans have lived near each other for hundreds of years. However, the relationship between rodents and humans is more of a bitter exchange. Rodents bring disease, property damage, and they even get into our food supplies. Sadly, rodents aren’t understood beyond their basic behaviors. That’s why it’s important to educate yourself about rodents in Newport News whether they’re mice or rats.

Rodents Problems And More

The single biggest problem rodents bring to the table is that they cause sanitation issues and structural damage for homeowners. This simple truth can be attributed to the following facts about these pests:

Growth never stops: Rodents gnaw on everything they can get their teeth on and for good reason. Their teeth never stop growing. Without constant gnawing, the teeth just get bigger. It’s estimated that they can grow up to five inches in one year if left unchecked. As such, this can lead to high levels of property damage for homeowners as they chew on drywall, furniture, baseboards, and wiring.

High reproduction rate: One mouse or rat isn’t a problem. Even a small handful is easily dealt with. However, both mice and rats reproduce at extremely high rates, which means their growth is exponential. One litter can contain as many as 10 babies. At three or four months, those rodent babies can reproduce as well. That’s ten separate new generations in a short time frame.

Finding their way into your home: Rodents are known to slip through the smallest of cracks or holes in the house. That’s why sealing up the house is crucial to success in keeping these pests out of the house forever. No amount of pest control will work until the entry points are eliminated.

Understanding What An Infestation Looks Like

The good news is that you can easily detect the signs of a rodent infestation. The bad news is that once these signs are observed, they often indicate a severe infestation. Once you spot a mouse, rat, or their droppings, you’re already falling behind.

To help you detect a rodent infestation we have put together a brief list of the most common signs of rodent activity:

Droppings: This is a sign without compromise. If you notice rodent droppings, it’s a guarantee you have a rodent infestation on your hands. The size and shape of these droppings can help determine which rodent has invaded. For example, mouse droppings are small and pointed on both ends, while Norway rat droppings are blunt at both ends.

Urine Odor: Rodents will urinate everywhere. The smell is a strong musky scent and is easily detected, especially when it’s a large infestation.

Gnawed Holes: With a rodent infestation, gnawed holes are quite common. They appear in everything from clothing to baseboards. If you notice holes or teeth marks, it’s a sure sign you have a rodent infestation.

Noise at night: These pests are nocturnal, which means when you’re trying to sleep, they’re moving around. Scratching sounds can be heard as they run inside the walls or along the floor. If these sounds are present, it’s time to call for pest control services.

Pet Behavior: For those who have pets, you may notice your pets acting oddly. They’ll hear or smell rodents long before you do. If your pet is extremely alert or pawing at spaces under the furniture stove, or other similar items, it could mean rodents have invaded.

Solutions To Your Rodent Problems

It can be tempting to attempt handling a rodent infestation alone. There are plenty of DIY options available. However, thanks to their reproduction rate and tendency to nest, it’s extremely challenging to remove them once they’ve invaded. Furthermore, the use of traps or poison can be harmful to your health, the health of your family members, and the health of your pets.

That’s why the best solution is to hire professional services. Our team at PESTOUT utilizes a proven three-part system to get rid of your rodent problem and prevent them from returning to your Newport News home in the future. Our three-point system is as follows:

First, we inspect the property to identify the entry points. Once we’ve detected these entry points, we bait the property inside the attic and crawlspace along with the exterior foundation. Finally, we fix and seal up all possible entry points in addition to adding screen mesh where needed.

Are you ready to take control of your rodent problem? Then give us a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional rodent control services or fill out our online form to schedule your free quote.