Do I Need A Realtor Inspection When Buying A Home In Newport News?

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Buying a new home is an exciting event. As you move in, you can imagine all the great memories that will fill this empty house. Often, amidst the excitement, we forget about the logistical steps necessary to make sure we're making a good investment. The house may look nice, clean, and well built, but without a realtor inspection with the help of a professional pest control company, its impossible to know for sure. 

Infestations are quiet problems that you won’t notice until you’ve started living in your new home. Many pests are nocturnal or difficult to detect, so signs may not jump out at you when you're looking at your potential new home during the day. However, once papers are signed and the home is purchased, you will regret your decision to not work with a professional when you begin to hear scratching within your walls at night. 
Realtor inspections aren’t legally a necessity when closing on a new home, but if you don’t request one, you could be buying years of termite damage, rat droppings, roach diseases, and more. Today, we're going to discuss the benefits of a realtor inspection and why you should make sure they're conducted before purchasing a home. 

What Is A Realtor Inspection?

Also known as a home inspection, a realtor inspection is when a third-party company examines your potential property purchase for a host of common problems. This inspection can include anything, from infrastructural damage to toxic chemicals to plumbing issues. However, the most common problem that residents overlook when they forego a realtor inspection is previously existing pest issues.
It's important to know about potential problems with pests well in advance of a home purchase in Newport News, VA. While real estate agents often want the best for your family, it’s possible that they’ll neglect to tell you about the inspection since they’re motivated to sell the property. Then, if it turns out there is an infestation, you could be buying a home that’s overpriced, has structural problems, and costs a lot to fix.  

Is A Realtor Inspection Worth It?

These inspections aren’t too invasive – they merely look for the signs of a problem, and dig deeper if they notice anything questionable. However, their importance cannot be overstated. The biggest benefits include:

  • Avoiding properties with pre-existing damage and disease: Costly problems have costly solutions, and you don’t want to risk the health or safety of your family. 
  • Ensuring the value of your property: Buying your home only to find that an infestation has weakened the foundation or vectored potential diseases can bring down property values long after you’ve gotten rid of the pests which will result in a significant financial loss if you decide to resell. 
  • Avoiding costly repairs: Let’s say you’ve found your dream property, but it has a millipede infestation. Knowing this, you can argue that repairs need to be made on the home before you buy it and that those repairs aren’t your financial responsibility. Now you’ve created some leverage for yourself as a buyer and ensured that the home you’re getting is pest-free. 

Why Should You Get A Realtor Inspection?

A realtor inspection ensures that you're making a sound investment. It helps you know that the home you're purchasing is safe and well built. Furthermore, it looks for potential pest problems and makes sure the home doesn't have any pests and isn't at risk to harbor them.
At PESTOUT, we conduct thorough inspections to make sure the property has proper moisture levels, has limited possible entry points, and doesn't contain an existing infestation. 
Alongside these benefits, a home inspection helps give you peace of mind. You want to know that your dream home isn’t too good to be true, and with a realtor inspection under your belt, you know that you’ve secured what every property hunter dreams of the perfect palace. 
If you’re looking for a realtor inspection or want to learn more about the process, you’re already in the right place. Learn more about realtor inspections with PESTOUT, Virginia’s experts in pest control, by contacting us today.

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