What Happens To Spiders In The Winter In Hampton Roads?

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a spider on a web in a basement

Most pests that live in our area do not fare well when the temperatures outside drop. As we head into winter here in Hampton Roads, you will hopefully notice fewer and fewer bugs crawling around inside your living areas. However, this may not be the case if pests find their way in before conditions outside become life-threatening. To make things worse, spiders have a special advantage against the cold. To help you better understand these eight-legged house pests in Hampton Roads, here are some things to consider today.

Do All Spiders Hate The Cold?

Spiders are one of the few pests in our area that are not threatened by cold weather. They are built with an internal anti-freeze that prevents them from fully freezing as the temperatures drop. These pests do, however, slow down quite a bit in colder weather.

How Pests Invading Your Home Could Lead To Spiders

What do spiders eat? You probably already know the answer to this. Spiders eat bugs, and some types of spiders will eat other spiders. Keeping this in mind, as winter pushes into our area and pests look for ways to survive, your home will be one of their best options to get out of the cold. As a result of insects, arthropods, and arachnids breaking into your living areas, spiders will follow. How else are they going to stay well-fed when all of their prey are dying outside? 

Spiders Inside Your Walls

There are many species of spiders, including common house spiders, that will live and lay eggs inside wall voids and other secluded areas. If you regularly find spiders crawling around inside your living areas, they could be closer than you think. This is made more concerning when you consider how many spiders are in an egg sac. Some species have up to two thousand tiny spiders per egg sac. Most of these babies do not survive. This, however, does not change the fact that if a sac hatches inside your home, you will be up against hundreds of tiny, venomous house spiders.

How To Deter Spiders From Your Hampton Roads Home

In order to keep spiders and other pests from invading your home, you need to put in place some preventative tips. Here are some great DIY methods to try today.

  • Seal off holes, cracks, and gaps around your home’s exterior foundation using a caulking gun.
  • Repair damage to your home’s window/door screens, weatherstripping, and door sweeps.
  • Address moisture issues like leaky piping, dripping faucets, humid living areas, and water build-up around your yard.
  • Turn off exterior lights at night.

What Kills Spiders?

Most spiders are not tough and can be taken out with a quick boot stomp or smack from a nearby object. These rudimentary methods will not, however, help you end an infestation of these pests. If you suspect your home has an active spider problem, you need a more reliable method to eliminate these pests. Here is what we recommend.

Hire The Experts At PESTOUT

If you have a fear of spiders or you know how problematic these eight-legged pests are inside of homes, you should consider the benefits of hiring a pest control professional to handle any problems you are having. At PESTOUT, we offer detailed services to identify, eliminate, and prevent all spiders that might cause trouble inside your home. 

Reach out to our team of pest control experts today to discuss your methods for treatment. We will walk you through all of our service options and give you some options to combat winter spiders this season.