Pest And Moisture Control And Treatment Services

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PESTOUT is a local, family, and veteran owned pest control company that provides prompt, personal and professional Residential and Commercial pest control and extermination services. We specialize in moisture and fungus inspections. Our pest control technicians prevent and treat infestations of bed bugs, termites, mosquitoes, cockroaches, rats, wasps, fleas, ants, mice and more. PESTOUT services the entire Hampton Roads area and north into Williamsburg Virginia.

Pest, Termite And Moisture Control Inspection And Treatment Services

Comprehensive Pest Control

PESTOUT works diligently with realtors to provide moisture and termite inspections that result in clear letters. We utilize cutting-edge pest management and moisture control strategies. We offer preventative pest control services, targeted pest control, termite and wood decay fungus treatment warranties.

Call PESTOUT today for an inspection or to schedule a treatment at (757) 856-6557.

Residential and Commercial


Inspections And Treatments

  • Traditional and Natural Pest Control– PESTOUT will inspect and treat your pest problem using either traditional or natural pest control methods. Click here to learn more about PESTOUT’s natural pest control.
  • Termite Inspections– Our thorough termite inspections identify activity and conditions contributing to termite infestations. We use cutting-edge detection devices that go beyond a visual inspection to locate termites in hidden areas. Click to learn more about our termite inspections and treatment.
  • Real Estate Inspections and Clear Letters– We work with many realtors and provide moisture inspections, termite inspection and clear letters for commercial and residential properties. Click to learn more and fill out our Realtor Request – Termite & Moisture Inspection.

Moisture And Fungus Control

PESTOUT thoroughly treats moisture issues that result in damaged wood. Undetected leaks and high humidity levels in crawl spaces can result in moisture and concentrations of mold, fungus and mildew. Moisture also damages structural components of your house, requiring costly repairs. Moisture and termite damage go hand in hand because moisture attracts termites. PESTOUT provides moisture control services including:

  • Vapor Barrier installation
  • Wood Treatment
  • Crawl space door installation

PESTOUT Service Agreements And Warranties

  • Exterior Pest Control Quarterly Service Plans
  • Subterranean Termite Treatment Warranty
  • Targeted Special Pest Control Service Plans

Contact PESTOUT today for an inspection, to schedule a treatment or find out more about our service agreements and warranties!