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Spiders In Your Garage


While most spiders are venomous, many can be quite harmless such as the common house spider. Others can be dangerous and even deadly like the black widow or brown recluse.... Read More

Spiders Are Here-Autumn In Virginia


Besides the non-dangerous types of spiders in Virginia, there are spiders that can be harmful to people. They can get into your homes and be a danger to you or your family.... Read More

Pest Resistant Insulation Part II


Insulation that is not installed properly or doesn’t include pest-resistant properties can become contaminated with pests and small animals. Your attic, for example, can easily become a comfy nesting place for breeding rodents.... Read More

Termite Treatment And Prevention


Subterranean Termites are a huge concern in Hampton Roads Virginia and can cause substantial damage to homes and properties. Find out how to prevent termites and how our advanced termite treatment gets rid of termites.... Read More

Freezing Bed Bugs?


Did you know that if you find a small or minor bed bug problem in your home, that you can kill them by deep-freezing them? It’s actually easy to kill the bugs using cold temperatures. All you need to do is to put the affected item in a plastic bag, and then put the bag in the freezer that’s temperature is set to below 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 C ) for 3-4 days.... Read More

How To Keep Wasps From Taking Over Your Yard


It’s been a very hot summer, with a lot of rain! How we long for the sunshine and less humidity! Unfortunately with these conditions can come more mosquitoes and other pests on your property. ... Read More

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