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fire ants on a tree limb

Facts About Ants In Virginia Beach


Are ants tunneling around your Virginia Beach home? Ants are masters at banding together into a nuisance. However, they also pose a big health risk and can ruin the integrity of your house. Find out how to prevent ants from making a mess of your home.... Read More

A house mouse under a rock.

How Do Mice Keep Getting Into My Virginia Beach Home?


Mice have been causing homeowners trouble for centuries. Even with all of our advancements in home-building technology, these pests are still finding ways to get indoors and cause problems. We are here today to help you understand why your Virginia Beach home keeps having trouble with these pests. Here are some things you should know.... Read More

a swarm of termites on the ground

Termite Control In Hampton Roads: The Facts vs. The Myths


Termites are a well-known home invading pest that destroys homes and businesses right under the owner's feet. While they are a common invader, often they are misunderstood by the people whose homes they infest, leading to more damage and severe infestations.... Read More