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Are They Flying Ants or Flying Termites?


Both depending on the species, flying ants and flying termites can cause damage to your home, and they are both attracted to moisture. Flying Ants can bite, but they are not poisonous. Like flying termites, their main goal is to mate.... Read More

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What Every Virginia Beach Homeowner Needs To Know About Moisture Control


Have you ever gotten a deep cut—the kind that requires stitches? What would have happened to that wound if you only put a bandaid on it? It could have developed into something serious, right? Often, we allow something serious to happen to our homes because we just put a bandaid on problems when we see them. ... Read More

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A House Mouse Prevention Mini-Handbook For Hampton Roads Homeowners


In Hampton Roads, there are many different pests that plague homeowners. But one of the most common pests is the house mouse. Before you find yourself facing a serious infestation, you should learn some house mouse prevention tips. This mini-handbook tells you everything you need to know about keeping out these furry pests.... Read More

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Do I Need A Realtor Inspection When Buying A Home In Newport News?


Buying a new home is an exciting event. As you move in, you can imagine all the great memories that will fill this empty house. Often, amidst the excitement, we forget about the logistical steps necessary to make sure we're making a good investment. The house may look nice, clean, and well built, but without a realtor inspection with the help of a professional pest control company, its impossible to know for sure. ... Read More

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