How To Tell If Your Norfolk Home Has A Bed Bug Problem

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bed bug crawling on mattress

Everyone who’s been to high school understands that rumors can be dangerous. Whether they’re true or false doesn’t necessarily matter, but they can have a devastating effect on multiple people for a very long time. When it comes to bed bug misconceptions, the effects can be just as dangerous, and just as long-lasting.

So, How Do You Know If They’re In Your Home?

One of the many misconceptions about bed bugs is that they’ll only invade dirty homes. That’s only half true, though. While they will invade dirty homes, they are just as likely to invade other homes whose owners wash the sheets and vacuum the floors regularly. They can find their way in by clinging to luggage, clothing, pets, and other furniture that you bring into the house, so anyone can get them.

Bed bugs are a very subtle pest. Slow-moving and sneaky, these invasive bugs will wait until you’re asleep to latch on to your skin and begin their feeding process. Since they’re small, they can be very hard to see, so identification is usually difficult at first. However, there are a few signs of bed bug activity that can stand out, both on your skin and on your furniture:

  • Itchy, red bumps on your skin.
  • Bloodstains on sheets.
  • Rust-colored rings on furniture.
  • Musty odors coming from furniture.

When bed bugs bite you, it isn’t necessarily a bite. They actually stick you with a feeding tube, much like a tick or mosquito. However, these bites will be noticeably different in pattern. A majority of bed bugs will feed in a straight line with other bed bugs, creating a line or zig-zag of bites on your skin in the morning after an attack.

As bed bugs feed on you, tiny blood droplets will spill from their feeding tubes, creating small stains on your mattress or other furniture. And yes, bed bugs will infest any piece of furniture, so you have to watch out for them all over the house. You’ll also notice the rust-colored rings in the event of an infestation, as a large group of bed bugs will create large amounts of excrement on your furniture. Plus, this excrement will leave a noticeable, musty odor.

Getting Them Out Quickly

If you do incur a bed bug infestation, noticing these signs early could be your saving grace. You see, a bed bug infestation will often lead to skin irritations, permanent skin damage, insomnia, and anemia if the owners allow the bed bugs to continue interrupting their sleep cycle. In order to notice these signs, you have to monitor more than just your mattress and couches. Remember: bed bugs could be anywhere in your house.

Once you do notice the signs of bed bugs, you’ll need to be careful about another common bed bug misconception. The internet will tell you that vacuuming and spraying your furniture will get rid of the bed bugs quickly, before you even have to lay down for another night’s sleep. However, these methods actually prolong the issues by fooling you into thinking that the bed bugs are gone for good.

In fact, there are dozens more bed bugs buried under the surface of the furniture, laying eggs and waiting for the opportune moment to begin interrupting your sleep cycle once again. That’s why these home remedies only serve to increase your risk of the detrimental health effects that a prolonged bed bug infestation can bring about.

For the ultimate protection and the guaranteed solutions that can completely eradicate bed bugs on the first try, enlisting professional help is your only option. If you do spot signs of bed bugs, call the professionals at PESTOUT right away.