Pest Resistant Insulation

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Today when builders or homeowners install insulation, it is important to take advantage of the moment and use proper pest resistant insulation to prevent unwanted pests that can live in attics and walls. This insulation serves a dual purpose as it can provide full pest protection, fire resistance, and lower your utility costs. The results are better energy savings and a pest-free environment.

The most common place to install insulation is in the attic and inside walls for energy savings and better sound control properties. Now insulation can guard your home against many common pests and prevent future hidden nesting areas in your homes. Different kinds of insulation can control and repel pests such as termites, fleas, beetles, ants, cockroaches, and silverfish! Certain cellulose insulation products can provide permanent and continuous pest protection and can guard against mold and mildew as well. Many products are made of 100% recycled paper which is another draw for people who want to be environmentally friendly while protecting their homes.

This type of insulation is denser compared to other types, such as the fiberglass but they are non-toxic, take less energy to produce, and are usually guaranteed for the life of your home. The cellulose insulation can also increase your walls’ fire resistance. The secret lies in a layer of carbon protection that doesn’t allow charred fibers to keep burning just as a real fireman prevents a fire from spreading. It also restricts the amount of available oxygen that would keep a fire burning. Fire retardant materials that are already applied inside of this cellulose insulation, such as borate, have class 1A ratings for preventing flames from spreading and also preventing smoke development. As always, when buying any insulation product, research and read the fine print to make sure that you are getting the insulation that will work best in your home and does what it claims to do.

The first step to making your home more comfortable, insect-free, and energy-efficient is to properly install the insulation. Proper installation can get you effective insulation with no gaps, no compression, no misalignment, no voids, no drafts, and no holes that insects can sneak through. Cellulose insulation can be blown or sprayed into your attic in order to prevent gaps. Misalignment and gaps are the leading causes of energy loss. Cellulose insulation products can have the added benefit of insect infestation prevention. The insulation works by killing insects upon contact using various methods. There are many pest control experts that are experienced and knowledgeable about insulation products that control pests and can even properly install the insulation for you. For more information, contact a pest control expert who offers pest control insulation installation as one of their services.